Samples of commissioned lyrics

Your Way - Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 (to the tune of "My Way")

And now, the time has come; to honour sheer - determination
Of those, who dare to fail, yet blaze a trail – of innovation
Who shift, paradigms set, and seek success, when there’s no sure way,
Aver, entrepreneur; you do it your way.

Long days, and nights of toil, the midnight oil, you’ve all been burning
To make, your dream come true, and from this goal, there is no turning
To see, beyond the now, your vision clear, an open doorway
Concur, entrepreneur; you do it your way.

You have the drive, the passion’s fire
The hunger yearns, the heart’s desire
The sacrifices you must make; the daring risks you all must take
The earth go shake – the difference make….
And do it your way!

You lead, and delegate, value create, and staff inspire
And pray, your IPO, share price will go, higher and higher
It takes, a certain breed, and so we say, signor, signore
Be number one, like Ernst and Young, And do it your way!

So entrepreneurs, we salute you all
Achieve your dreams, both big and small
May you persist, and not give in; for those who quit can never win.
Break down the walls – history calls….
You do it your way!

Lyrics © Brian McIntyre 2004. All rights reserved.