THEN2NOW! came about in the space of five weeks. A chance conversation at midnight Saturday February 25th 2006 revealed that Joe and Faridah of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) needed acts as a result of a production slated to take place there deciding to relocate to another venue. We originally pitched to do our standard 40 minute corporate show for March 10th to 12th and were then asked could we do April 19th to 23rd. The extra time gave us the opportunity to work up lighting and stage choreography as well as expand the repertoire to two forty five minute segments. This partitioned into retrospective and new material sections, and Ben came up with the THEN2NOW title. We confirmed to do the show with KLPac at a March 8th meeting, shot the photographs March 12th, and started rehearsing like mad on Tuesday and Friday evenings and the usual Sunday afternoons. Edna worked up the choreography over a two week period and the lighting was nailed with Kevin over pizza and wine March 19th and 26th. We bumped in April 17th, tech run on the 18th, full dress on the 19th to an audience of children from local homes and orphanages, and full shows on 20th, 21st and 22nd evenings and matinee 23rd. Yue May of KLPac did a brilliant job in arranging press interviews and the production team of Pui See, Terrence and Lim staged the show with a refreshing professionalism and unfailing good humour.