Date: 23-Apr-2006 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to bla bla bla..... Please turn off your mobile phones. Flash Photography and videography is prohibited.

Yesssssss! Watch watch, listen to beautiful harmonies, laughing to viagra jokes.... enjoying. Snap snap photos.

Here are some photos taken.

The first half ended brilliant. I thought they did well. I enjoy the music. And I thought granny was the most hip on stage. Check out her movessss!

But unfortunately, during the intermission, the crew approached me and told me that photography is not allowed. I said, you announced that Flash Photography was not allowed. I've been to many plays when they announce that, we are allowed to take photos. Then she said, authorise photographers only. I was like Whatever.............................


The musical then proceed to the next session, and started with an announcement.

"Please be reminded only authorise photographers are permitted. bla bla bla."


Lucky went to watch Gubra to lighten up my mood.