Samples of commissioned lyrics

RHB – The Best Investment (tune “The Great Pretender”)

When you need – a great – investor
It’s clear whom first you should see
To become money smart, then the best place to start
Is with our good friends from RHB

Cos RHB – is the great – investor
They’ve got investments from A to Z
In a year or two – my prediction for you
They’ll own – most of the KLSE

With improving your ROI they are obsessed
With your capital gains you’ll be hugely impressed

RHB is the best investor
Charter Members of the FPAM
Their professional teams will achieve your money dreams
And when they do, then the person you’ll thank
Your Financial Planner at RHB Bank

With their financial instruments you won’t go wrong
And with their Margin Financing you can invest all day long

RHB – is the best investor
They serve every financial need
They’ll manage your wealth to the best fiscal health
And you’ll get a personal invite, we hear
From RHB – to the KL Gourmet Festival – every year.

Lyrics © Brian McIntyre 2004. All rights reserved.