Rocking The Eighties - Accapella Style!

Break out those "Frankie Says..." T Shirts and get a new permanent on that mullet - the Eighties are back!

Fresh from their success at the Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival in June, Kuala Lumpur's finest vocalisers are back with a slew of new tunes that have been given the accapella treatment!

This outing sees the group raiding the vaults of songs from the Eighties, revisiting tunes made famous by the likes of Madonna, The Bangles and Wham! We've also got some new favourites from other decades, and we'll be singing a mini tribute to the King of Pop. The show will see a total of 21 songs and medleys performed by fourteen singers and dancers. For those who remember our 2006 show and the interest generated in the blogosphere, the dancing granny will indeed be back!

Performances are at 8.30pm on November 13th and 14th and 3pm November 15th at PJ Live Arts Theatre in Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. Admission is by pre-registered invitation only and donation of RM30 (RM20 for students, seniors and disabled) payable on entrance please can?

The group will also hold a Workshop Presentation at noon November 15th which is free to anyone who has pre-registered or attended one of the shows. To register, please email your name and contact details to or call/text 012 9025087 or friend us on Facebook.

With dance and movement and with their signature vocal rock'n'roll style, it all promises to be a massively fun evening. Come and hear KL's finest once more sing the swinging rock blues in their punchy inimitable style - as Frankie might have said had he come to Malaysia rather than gone to Hollywood, Relak lah!