The Malaysian AIDS Foundation was a magnet for newshounds during this period. Marina Mahathir had signed up to lead the organisation and was able to leverage her evident connections to maximise awareness of the needs of AIDS sufferers in Malaysia. It remains a hugely difficult task since it impacts most directly on the lower reaches of a nation's people who hire partners and share needles. The majority of other organisations seem to want to help those who will be able to help themselves, perhaps seeing AIDS sufferers as victims of their own indiscipline. I remember visiting once the Foundation's office, at that time off Jalan Raja Laut behind the KFC. There was sunlight and laughter and a sense of joyness and nowness, though tinged with a hint of inevitable, impending doom and despair at the perceived inability to get out of the slum that is Chow Kit. 

Marina had seen us at a party and thought her mum and dad might like us "because we weren't too loud"!