Samples of commissioned lyrics

This started pretty much by accident when we did a show for Canon around early 1997. They wanted us to do a song to promote their Bubble Jet printer range and during a rehearsal someone started singing "Bubble Jet, get Bubble Jet" to the tune of "Barbara Ann". Lyrics quickly followed and the performance at the show was well received by both Canon and the event manager for the night. It subsequently became a kind of signature that the group would personalise a song for the customer at our shows. In the interim, the group has written and performed over fifty such songs for many of our clients. Special mention goes to ABN AMRO Bank who over a period of two years commissioned six of these songs.

Here is a selection of some of the more recent, and click on any of the titles to view the lyrics. Please remember that these are displayed for illustrative purposes; copyright remains with Brian McIntyre as the author and all rights are reserved.

REHDA Boleh (2004)

Your Way - Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2004

RHB - The Best Investment (2003)

Rotary (2003)

I've Got Clinique All Over My Skin (2013)


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