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SIX2EIGHT is a vocal harmony group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that arranges and sings popular songs in the accapella style (ie voices only without accompaniment- no backing instruments or tapes). The singers hold senior positions across a range of professions, and since their formation in 1994 have performed at various formal and informal gatherings including company dinners, corporate launches, weddings, fund raisers, private gatherings, and anniversaries. Blending elegant sophistication and fine humour with snappy and tight vocals in performances, SIX2EIGHT is positioned to entertain the mature, educated executive audience. The singers are proud to have had the honour and privilege of performing before Royalty, honorable and senior Members of Parliament, visiting dignitaries, and senior figures in the corporate, business and society worlds who have been invited guests of honour at functions where the group was asked to perform. 

A continual question is: why the name SIX2EIGHT? Is it working hours, happy hours or something else? (we understand that in Cantonese it means “easy to prosper”) Simply put, the name “SIX2EIGHT” is derived from the fact that for any given performance there will be between six and eight singers on stage. The professional demands of individual daytime schedules mean that someone may not on occasion be available to perform. In this, each of the singers can cover for each other and so maintain the close harmonies and delivery of the songs. Consequently, we will not fail to give a full performance and provide a unique entertainment experience. We pride ourselves in maintaining a professional attitude towards delivering entertainment oriented performances - hence "rockappella" - and continually seek to break a general view of a capella groups being seen as cute and choral but a bit "college" and not quite entertaining in the broader stream. This genre of music can rock - watch us prove it!

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